Portal Message to be sent 1 week prior to the appointment

Dear ________________________

Your initial appointment with Dr. Tashko (GT Health) is on ______________

◷ Please arrive 30 min earlier to fill out the appropriate documents/forms.

The documents/forms can also be found on Dr. Tashko's website:

⟴ GertiTashkoMD.com/practice-policy

When you come, please bring with you the following information:

❶ The list of all the DOCTORS whom you want to receive our progress (assessment and plan) notes.

❷ The complete list of MEDICATIONS

❸ The complete list of ALLERGIES

❹ The complete list of SURGERIES

❺ Pharmacy information (local and mail PHARMACIES)

We look forward to seeing you at our first appointment.


From the office of Dr. Tashko

15204 Omega Drive #240

Rockville, MD 20850

Tel: 301-658-3586



⟴ GertiTashkoMD.com/practice-policy

⚪Follow up appointments are required for a thorough discussion on laboratory/imaging findings and medical management.

⚪We need a 3-day notice for prescription refills.

⚪We need 24-hour notice for appointment cancellation or reschedule. If no notice is given. the following will apply:

➠ $100 fee for new patients

➠ $50 fee for return patients

➠ We are booked for months, thus not showing up for an appointment will take away the opportunity of another patient to be seen sooner.

⚪Prior authorizations can take up to one week to complete.

⚪If you are 15 minutes late, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.

⚪We hate missing phone calls. Please leave a voicemail. We will return your phone call in a timely manner.

⚪For non-emergency issues, we prefer the use of patient portal as it facilitates the patient-physician communication in a clear, accurate and timely fashion. Patient portal will allow you to have direct access to Dr. Tashko.

⚪In case of an EMERGENCY, do not send a patient portal message, instead, immediately call 911 or reach us via the on-call service at 301-658-3586 #2.